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Upgrading the GIF viewing experience to the 21st century. The world is changing, and content is changing with it. We watch GIFs more than YouTube videos, read Tweets instead of New York Times articles. Content is becoming shorter and its distribution more democratic.

Gfycat is one of the largest GIF platforms out there. We keep all the awesome things about GIFs—concise, visually appealing, works everywhere—while vastly improving the speed and quality. We provide superior tools for creating and sharing GIFs in stunning visual quality. We're one of the top 100 most visited website in the United States.



My Deliverables

Web Design, Android Design, iOS Design, Print Design, Creative Direction & Product Management


Sketch, Affinity Designer, Zeplin, Dropbox Paper, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Keynote, Paper & Sharpie




Hanna: Product Design Lead
Kasey: Senior Product Designer
Ativ: Product Designer
John: Business Development & PM
Masha: Senior Software Engineer
Amanda: UX Research & Copywriter

And the rest of the Gfycat team

Head of Design

For four exciting, hectic, crazy years I led design at Gfycat. I determined design priority and scope of projects & managed deliverables. I worked closely with engineering and the rest of the Gfycat team to create experiences from ideation to execution. When we were bigger, I managed a small team of designers where I delegated projects and facilitated critiques.

While I was the designer for everything shown in this portfolio, much was based on user research from Amanda and some were inspired by old wireframes & previous iterations from Kasey. Nothing could be where it is without the critique and collaboration of John (our PM), Masha (our front-end engineer), and of course our talented backend engineers.

Selected Work

Designs from my time at Gfycat.


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Gfycat Mobile

Gfycat has more than just web. Here's Gfycat's iOS App.

While I worked on the app store screenshots & was lead designer at Gfycat, Kasey was the talented designer who did the bulk of the UX & the UI work for our iOS app.

iOS app screen
iOS app screen
iOS app screen
iOS app screen


In 2020, Gfycat was sold to Snap Inc. This was around the time I left. On September 2023, Snap shut the site down.

Image of a Vice article featuring Gfycat with the title RIP Gfycat, the First Site to Make Gifs Look Good

Article from Vice discussing Gfycat closing; photo of me

I had a great time at Gfycat. As the head of design, I learned an incredible amount. From working within constraints to product and design strategy. I learned how to manage designers and run a team. I learn how to work and negotiate with all the different stakeholders. I learned how to ship very fast and test even faster. We jumped from 56 million MAUs to more than 180 million. We might have been niche, but we were loved. And I'm very happy and grateful for everyone who had supported us.